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I work with you to tell your business’s stories, in your voice, from your customer’s perspective, so that they choose you.  Simples!


Ghost Blogging

The benefits of blogging for your business are well known.  It drives traffic to your website; demonstrates your expertise; helps potential customers get to know, like and trust you; and adds value to your engagements with customers past, present and future.  You know that you should be doing it.  But each week that accelerates past without a new blog post on your website seems to push it further and further down your to-do list.  You don’t have the time, the inclination, what would you write about anyway?  And when you do start to write a post, why does it sound like 1980’s management speak?  Bullshit Bingo, anyone?! 😉

That’s where I come in.  I write bespoke, relevant blog posts that are designed to appeal to your customers and written in your voice.  That’s right, your voice.  This is not one of those give-me-a-topic-and-get-a-generic-essay type services.  This is a high-end blogging service, where we discuss what kind of blog posts you want for the month ahead, and how they fit in with the rest of your marketing.  Before we even start, I get inside your customer’s head, and listen to the tone and voice you want the posts to be written in.  And I make sure that there are takeaways you can use in the other Social Media platforms you use, bringing people back to your website to read the whole post.

Investment:  Four blog posts each month = £500

In order to provide you with the highest quality blog posts that are absolutely aligned to your business and marketing requirements, there will be a one-off set up fee of £150. During the set up we’ll get together either face to face or on Skype, to devise your blog strategy, generate topic ideas together, and fill your blog storecupboard; and I’ll use the time to learn about your business, your customers, and where you want to take your business in the future.  Month to month consultations about your forthcoming blog posts are free of charge.


Success Stories

Success Stories are the ideal way to demonstrate how you work with your clients.  They show how awesome you are at what you do without you having to say it.  Because anyone can say that they help people change/transform/save/make/gain.  But when you show that you do what you claim, by putting the client at the heart of the story, by making your client the hero,  potential customers trust you.  They choose you.  Not the boastful blow-hard, sounding their own trumpet.

We’ll have a consultation over Skype, where you tell me all about your experience with one of your customers.  I’ll ask lots of questions, and if the client is happy for you to use their name, I’ll ask you to get a quote from them.  If not, we’ll work around that so that they can’t be identified.  After we’ve spoken I’ll craft your experience into a story and send it to you to review for accuracy.  Once I’ve made any necessary amendments, it’ll be yours to use in your blog, on your website, in brochures, in sales pages, however you like to market your business.

Investment: Four Stories = £ 500

Stories can be paid for in a block, and written over a time period that suits you; or can form part of a block of four blog posts.


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